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Twenty Notes

.:Death Note: A 20 Facts Community:.

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20_notes is a Death Note fanfic community based off of iulia_linnea's The HP Character Random Facts/Things Meme. The basic gist is to post 20 "facts" about a character, pairing, relationship.

.:what 'fact', preciouss?:.
Ahem. Pardon the random Gollum reference. For the purposes of this community and others like it, a "fact" is defined as anything, pretty much: canon, fanon, speculation, etc. Read between the lines. Show us the way you see the character or relationship. The fact can be anything from a peek into so-and-so's motives to a random little detail from a character's past. Have fun with it.

+ Claims come in several varieties: single character (ex. Light), pairing (ex. Light/L), platonic relationship (ex. Light and L), groups (ex. NPA). Threesomes and polygamous relationships are also allowed. This community is yaoi and yuri friendly.
+ A user can have up to three claims at the same time. Once you finish a claim, feel free to choose another one.
+ A subject can be claimed by three users at the same time.
+ We're not imposing a time limit, but please finish your claim as quickly as you can, especially if there are other users who would like that claim.
+ As soon as you finish a claim, it will be available for other users to claim.
+ Please no advertisements for communities without one of the moderators' approval.

Claim list is in this entry. Please check the list to make sure a claim is not full before requesting the claim. If you would like to drop a claim, also reply to that post.

.:posting format:.
Please use this format when posting. Place this at the top of your entry and lj-cut the 20 facts. Long, uncut posts make people's friends pages cry. If you don't know how to do an lj-cut go here. Spoiler warnings should also go in the "Notes" section.


Also, please try to include your claim in the subject heading. These entries will all be archived in the Memories, and it will make archiving them a lot easier if the subject line contains the claim you chose.

Leave a comment in this post if you would like to affiliate with us! ^^

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Your moderators are miyabita13 and flamika. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or leave a comment in this entry.

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